Update on casualties and damage from flash flood in Loi Tai Laeng IDP camp


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On July 9th, 2022, at 10 pm, after several hours of heavy rain, an unprecedented flash flood occurred in Loi Tai Laeng IDP camp. Four people were killed and eleven injured, while extensive damage was caused to many houses in one section of the camp.

Camp administration members, health workers and villagers living nearby rushed to help the injured and those fleeing the flood, but it was very difficult in the darkness and heavy rain. Some were able to be rescued, but others went missing.

Early in the morning of July 10th, emergency relief efforts continued in search of the missing persons, and four bodies were found among the flood debris lower down the mountain. The four victims are: Mae Tao Mwe (female, age 66), Nang Seng Phwe (female, age 32), Sai Leng Wan (male, age 32) and Sai Kong Leng (male, age 17). The eleven injured include women and young children.

On Monday, July 11, a traditional funeral and prayer ceremony was held for the victims. The camp administration is working to provide emergency relief for the victims’ families and those injured, as well as for reconstruction of the housing in the camp.

The Shan State Refugee Committee (Thai Border) extends our deepest condolences to the victims’ families.

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