Shan Refugee Concert


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Wed 15th Nov, 6-11pm: a relief concert will be held at Thapae East in aid of the Shan people in 6 refugee camps along the Thai border who are running out of food.

100% of profits will be donated to buying rice, cooking oil and other essential food items. Food on sale at the event to raise donations with will be provided by Charmtong, Ann, Thai Freedom House & Free Bird Cafe, Ole Mexian Restaurant, and other vendors.

You can help by coming along and joining in, donating or bringing rice, sweaters, blankets (rice especially). If you run a business in Chiang Mai and would like to donate something to a raffle please message us.

For those who cannot attend Wednesday’s relief concert at Thapae East but would like to help the more than 6,000 Shan refugees and internally displaced persons in 6 camps along the Thai border, you can send food aid donations to the following account, which was opened for this purpose:

Account Name: Ms. Saranrath Saifah and Mr. Komson Jaiyen
Name of Bank: Siam Commercial Bank
Branch: Tesco Lotus Ruamchok (Chiang Mai) Branch
Account Number: 408-469974-4

นางสาว ศรัณย์รัชต์ สายฟ้า และ นาย คมสัน ใจเย็น
ธนาคาร ไทยพานิชย์
สาขา เทสโก โลตัส รวมโชค (เชียงใหม่)
เลขที่: 408-469974-4

For attendees we are suggesting a minimum 100 baht entrance donation.

The concert will feature many bands including a Myo’s Shan group, the Chang Puak Jazz Collective, North Gate groups and others.. Schedule to follow soon…